What is another word for payees?

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Payees refers to individuals, organizations or entities that receive payment for goods, services or debts owed. There are several synonyms for the term payees, including recipients, beneficiaries, recipients, receivers, collectors, clients, and claimants. Recipients refer to individuals or organizations who receive something from a giver, such as a scholarship or award. Beneficiaries are those who receive benefits or profits from something, such as an heir of a trust fund. Collectors refer to individuals or entities who collect funds, such as bill collectors. Clients refer to individuals or organizations that receive services in exchange for payment. Claimants are individuals who made a claim for payment someone or for some kind of compensation.

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    Payees are individuals or entities who receive payment for goods or services rendered. Opposite to the term payee, the opposite or antonyms of this word would be payer. A payer is the person, company, or organization that provides payment to the payee. In most transactions, the payer is the customer or client who initiates the payment. The terms payer and payee are commonly used in various financial transactions, including banking, invoices, and bills. The opposite of a payee can also be an indebted individual or an individual in debt to another person or entity. In essence, payees represent those who receive payments, while payers represent those who provide payments.

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    Usage examples for Payees

    A note may be drawn payable to the order of a specified person, or to him or his order, or it may be drawn payable to the order of a payee who is not the maker, drawer or drawee, or it may be drawn payable to the order of the drawer or maker, or to the drawee, or to two or more payees jointly, or to one or some of several payees, or to the holder of an office for the time being.
    "Putnam's Handy Law Book for the Layman"
    Albert Sidney Bolles
    The payees in both cases are the same.
    "Putnam's Handy Law Book for the Layman"
    Albert Sidney Bolles

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