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Pika is a small mammal that belongs to the family Ochotonidae. They are also referred to as rock rabbits, coneys, and whistling hares. Pikas are found in the mountains of North America and Asia, living in crevices, talus fields, and rock piles. They are known for their high-pitched calls and their ability to store food for the winter. Some other possible synonyms for pika may include furry rabbit, mountain hare, alpine bunny, and rock-dwelling rodent. Despite their small size, pikas are important components of alpine ecosystems, serving as prey for many predatory animals and playing an important role in nutrient cycling.

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    The pika is a small, quiet and timid mammal found in the snowy mountains of North America. The pika is the only extant species in its genus and family, and is in the same order as the rabbits and hares. Pikas are prey animals and their fur is a natural insulation. They have a short, round head and short, fine whiskers. They are able to climb down snowy slopes headfirst with their noodle-like legs.

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