What is another word for dassie?

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[ dˈasi], [ dˈasi], [ d_ˈa_s_i]

Dassie is a term used to describe a small to medium-sized mammal that belongs to the hyrax family. This animal is also known as rock rabbit or hyrax. While there may not be many synonyms for the word dassie, there are other names used to refer to this animal in various regions. For instance, in East Africa, it may be referred to as the pimbi, while in West Africa, it could be called the dassi or coney. In some parts of the world, the animal is sometimes known as a mole or a rat. Despite these variations in regional nomenclature, the dassie remains a fascinating creature that has captured the interest of biologists and animal enthusiasts alike.

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Usage examples for Dassie

You believe me: that dassie cried out to warn the tiger.
"Tales from the Veld"
Ernest Glanville

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