What is another word for popular music?

Pronunciation: [pˈɒpjʊlə mjˈuːzɪk] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the phrase "popular music," which typically refers to modern music genres that are widely liked or enjoyed by a broad audience. One common synonym is "pop music," which typically includes catchy, upbeat tracks that are designed to be appealing to many people. Another synonym is "mainstream music," which refers to music that is widely accepted and enjoyed by the general population, often through commercial channels like popular radio stations. Additionally, "contemporary music" is often used to describe popular music that is produced in the current era, while the phrase "top 40 music" commonly refers to the most popular songs on radio charts or streaming services.

Synonyms for Popular music:

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Famous quotes with Popular music

  • I don't see that there are any particular changes in popular music.
    Lester Bangs
  • I think popular music in this country is one of the few things in the twentieth century that have made giant strides in reverse.
    Bing Crosby
  • Commercial music, for the most part, is popular music and you always have to keep that in mind.
    Kenneth Edmonds
  • Explicit material is available in a variety of forums - from popular music to television to the Internet.
    Tipper Gore
  • Although we are being presented in Carnegie Hall, we have to furnish a budget for our guest stars, and for the music writing - which is a huge budget in any orchestra that plays popular music.
    Skitch Henderson

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