What is another word for dance music?

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[ dˈans mjˈuːzɪk], [ dˈans mjˈuːzɪk], [ d_ˈa_n_s m_j_ˈuː_z_ɪ_k]

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    How to use "Dance music" in context?

    Dance music is an umbrella term used to describe the various electronic music genres that feature the rhythmic beats of hard-hitting basslines and catchy synth hooks, often used in tandem with melodic hooks and occasional falsetto vocals.

    There is no one definitive definition of dance music, as it can be as diverse as the DJs and dancers who create it. However, some of the key elements that typically characterize dance music are its syncopated rhythms, catchy hooks and thumping basslines.

    The earliest contemporary dance music was typically very electronic in nature, featuring sparse beats and synths that were manipulated to create a hypnotizing soundscape.

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