What is another word for folk?

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When referring to people or a group of individuals, the word "folk" can be replaced with synonyms such as "peeps," "people," "individuals," or "humans." For a more specific group of people, "community" or "tribe" can be used. When discussing a cultural group, "ethos" or "tradition" may fit better. In a musical context, "folk" can be interchanged with "acoustic," "traditional," or "roots." For cliched phrases like "folklore" or "folk singer," try using "mythology" or "balladeer" respectively. With these synonyms, writers and speakers can switch up their language and add variety to their communication.

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How to use "Folk" in context?

Folk is a term used to describe a variety of traditional music, dance, festivals, and art that is rooted in the traditions of a community or culture. Folk music is often unified by its unique style, and often includes religious or spiritual elements. Folk art is often created to represent the traditions of a community, and can include traditional crafts, art, and architecture. Folk festivals are often used to celebrate the traditions of a community, and can features music, dance, food, and more.

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