What is another word for prince of darkness?

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[ pɹˈɪns ɒv dˈɑːknəs], [ pɹˈɪns ɒv dˈɑːknəs], [ p_ɹ_ˈɪ_n_s ɒ_v d_ˈɑː_k_n_ə_s]

How to use "Prince of darkness" in context?

There are many interpretations to what the prince of darkness is. Some believe he is the devil himself, while others say he is an evil mastermind behind all the wickedness in the world. However, one thing is for sure- the prince of darkness is an enigmatic figure with a hidden agenda. Here are five facts about him you may not know:

1. The prince of darkness first appeared in literature in the 11th century. Named Choronzon, he was a powerful demon that tempted Christ.

2. In popular culture, the prince of darkness is often associated with the Devil.

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