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The word "imp" is used to describe mischievous and often supernatural creatures in folklore and mythology. Some synonyms for "imp" include spryte, fairy, pixie, and goblin. These creatures are typically depicted as small, playful, and able to cause trouble or chaos. Other synonyms for "imp" could include trickster, mischief-maker, or impish, which describes someone who behaves in a playful or mischievous manner. Regardless of the specific term used, impish creatures have long captured the imaginations of storytellers and readers alike, inspiring countless tales of adventure, mischief, and magic.

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How to use "Imp" in context?

The word "imp" is often used satirically on social media. For example, when someone shares an image that has been edited to make it look like a news story is about an animal being captured by an imp, or when someone posts a meme that features a photoshopped image of a person with an artificial voice saying the word "imp," the user is lampooning online memes that use "imp" as a synonym for "mad."

However, the word "imp" is also used in earnest, both as a common noun and as a loanword in several languages.

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