What is another word for proceeding from?

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[ pɹəsˈiːdɪŋ fɹɒm], [ pɹəsˈiːdɪŋ fɹɒm], [ p_ɹ_ə_s_ˈiː_d_ɪ_ŋ f_ɹ_ɒ_m]

The phrase "proceeding from" has a few different synonyms that can help add variety to your writing. One option is "stemming from," which suggests a source or origin for the thing being discussed. "Arising from" is another possibility, which emphasizes the idea that the thing being described is a direct result of a particular cause or situation. "Originating from" is a similar option that places emphasis on the starting point of something, while "emerging from" suggests that something is coming into view or becoming apparent. These synonyms can all be useful in different contexts, and can help you convey your ideas more precisely and effectively.

How to use "Proceeding from" in context?

When we think about our journey to where we are today, we often proceed from one place to another. For example, my journey to write this article began with me typing away on my computer.

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