What is another word for evolve?

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"Evolve" is a word that signifies growth, progress, and adaptation. Some synonyms for this term include "develop," which speaks to the gradual and incremental growth of something over time. "Transform" implies a more radical change, one that brings about a different form or quality. Similarly, "metamorphose" connotes a profound and complete transformation, as a caterpillar metamorphoses into a butterfly. Another synonym for "evolve" is "advance," which suggests moving forward toward a goal or a more advanced state. Lastly, "mature" implies a process of growth and self-improvement over time. All of these words capture the essence of "evolve" and its different shades of meaning.

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    Evolution is the process by which, over time, the genetic makeup of a population of organisms can change. This change can occur in response to changes in their environment, or the physical inheritance of new genes from others within a population. Evolution occurs through the natural selection of those organisms that best fit their environment and pass on their new adaptations to their offspring.

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