What is another word for descend?

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[ d_ɪ_s_ˈɛ_n_d], [ dɪsˈɛnd], [ dɪsˈɛnd]

Synonyms for Descend:

descend (verb) follow (verb) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Descend:

  1. distend, unbend, defend, lend, friend, expend, impend, fend, intend, end, tend, mend, offend, transcend, depend, pretend, blend, spend, rend, contend, wend, misspend, suspend, extend, portend, send, bend, trend, penned;
  2. attend, append, ascend, amend, commend, befriend;
  3. comprehend, condescend, recommend, apprehend;
  4. overextend;

Quotes for Descend:

  1. I explained I wanted to descend as quickly as possible to camp IV in order to warm myself and gather a supply of hot drink and oxygen in the event I might need to go back up the mountain to assist descending climbers. Anatoli Boukreev.
  2. Liberty will not descend to a people; a people must raise themselves to liberty; it is a blessing that must be earned before it can be enjoyed. Charles Caleb Colton.
  3. I couldn't claim that I have never felt the urge to explore evil, but when you descend into hell you have to be very careful. Kathleen Raine.

Idioms of Descend:

  1. descend ( up) on sm or sth;
  2. descend from sm;
  3. descend from sth;