What is another word for pullback?

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Pullback means retracing or withdrawing something. It is a common term used in finance and investment when a stock, bond, or commodity falls in value. Synonyms for the word pullback include a retreat, a withdrawal, a downturn, a decline, a fall or a slump. Other synonyms include a regression, a backslide, a decrease, and a shrinkage. The word setback is also used to describe a pullback, especially in the context of a failure to meet a goal or objective. Furthermore, a retraction, a relapse, and a lapse are all synonyms for a pullback. Overall, there are many terms used to describe a pullback, each highlighting a slightly different aspect of this phenomenon.

How to use "Pullback" in context?

When investors sell stocks, what they are selling is a percentage of ownership in a company. When investors buy stocks, what they are buying is a percentage of ownership in a company. The sale of stocks represents a retreat of ownership from the seller and an advance of ownership from the buyer. The opposite is also true. The advance of ownership in a company represents a pullback in the sale of stocks.

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