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Receding is an adjective that means moving away from a particular point or position. It can be used to describe many different scenarios, such as a receding hairline or a receding tide. There are several synonyms for the word receding, which can help to add variety and depth to your writing. These include words such as retreating, withdrawing, receding, fading, diminishing, and waning. By using these different words, you can paint a more vivid picture for your reader and help to emphasize the various aspects of movement and change that are occurring in a particular situation.

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How to use "Receding" in context?

The word "receding" has multiple meanings, but in this context it means to gradually lose ground. A recession, for example, is a period of time when the economy experiences a decline in activity, which often results in decreased earnings and employment. In the natural world, the term "recession" often refers to the gradual decrease in the size of the moon.

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