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Retraction is a term used to describe the act of withdrawing or revoking a statement. However, several synonyms can be used to refer to this act, such as recantation, retraction, reversion, abjuration, renunciation, revocation, repeal, and withdrawal. The use of these synonyms depends on the context in which they appear. For example, recantation is used to describe the renunciation of a previously held belief, while abjuration is used to describe the renunciation of a religious belief. In contrast, revocation and repeal are used to describe the annulment of an established law or decision. Synonyms provide a variety of ways to describe similar concepts, allowing individuals to communicate more effectively.

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How to use "Retraction" in context?

Retraction is a formal change in a published article that is attributable to the author or publisher. Retraction may be the result of an error discovered in the published article, or it may be a decision made in response to objections or concerns raised about the article.

When an article is published, it may go through copy editing, fact checking, and other types of editing. If an error is discovered after the article has been published, the editor may decide to retract the article. If the editor decides to retract the article for any other reason, the publisher may also decide to retract the article.

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