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Putrefying is a word used to describe the process of organic matter decomposing or decaying due to the action of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. There are several synonyms for putrefying, including rotting, decaying, decomposing, spoiling, deteriorating, and festering. These words all convey the idea of something breaking down and becoming contaminated or unfit for use. Other related terms include putrid, rancid, foul, and noxious, which describe the unpleasant odor and appearance that often accompany the process of putrefaction. It's important to note that while putrefying is a natural process, it can be harmful to health and should be managed properly to avoid the spread of disease.

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How to use "Putrefying" in context?

Putrefaction is the natural decay of flesh and tissue caused by microorganisms, enzymes, or other chemical reaction. The process of putrefaction is often preceded by mummification and is followed by decomposition or composting.

The stench of decaying matter is one of the most primal and unpleasant senses we experience. The process of decay is essential to the cycling of life, yet the smell of putrefaction is often unbearable.

The process of putrefaction is a natural process that is driven by microorganisms. These microorganisms ferment the organic matter, which creates an assortment of harmful byproducts.

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