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The word "rot" is often used to refer to the process of decay, often for organic matter. However, there are several synonyms for the term depending on its specific usage. The word "putrefy" is a common synonym that can be used to describe the process of organic decay. "Decompose" also falls into the same category. In a non-organic sense, "corrupt" is often used as a synonym for rot, especially when referring to institutions or systems that have become decayed or damaged over time. Other similar words to rot include deteriorate, spoil, and disintegrate. Each of these terms captures different aspects of the process of decay, but all ultimately describe things that break down or lose their original form over time.

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When people think about rot, images of mold, mildew, and black fungus often come to mind. Rot is a form of decay, which is a deterioration of organic matter that happens through a process of aerobic or anaerobic decomposition.

Rot can occur naturally or be caused by pests or pollutants. In an aerobic environment, bacteria and other microorganisms cause the rotting of organic material. In an anaerobic environment, death of cells due to lack of oxygen causes rot.

Different types of rot cause different types of damage. Lacquer rot, for example, affects the glossy finish on wood.

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