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Qabbala is a word that refers to a mystical Jewish tradition. It is often spelled "Kabbalah" or "Cabala" and has several synonyms that are sometimes used to describe the same tradition. One such synonym is "Jewish mysticism," which highlights the focus on mystical experiences and insights. Other synonyms include "esoteric Judaism," which emphasizes the hidden knowledge and teachings that are part of Qabbala, and "theosophy," which describes a system of philosophical and spiritual beliefs that seek to understand the nature of the divine. These synonyms help to convey the rich and complex nature of Qabbala and its significance within Jewish spiritual traditions.

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The Hebrew word Qabbala is derived from the ancient Aramaic term qabbala, meaning "double speech." Qabbala is a word used by Jews to describe their mystical teachings and their unique way of understanding the Torah and Jewish tradition.

Qabbala holds that the universe is created out of a combination of the infinite and the finite, the absolute and the relative. The infinite contains all the information necessary for creation, while the finite provides the material world.

Qabbalists study the mystical sounds and letters that make up the Hebrew Bible and use them to access hidden truths about the universe.

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