What is another word for kabbalah?

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Kabbalah is a term that refers to a branch of Jewish mysticism that deals with spiritual knowledge and understanding. Synonyms for the word Kabbalah include Cabala, Qabala, Kabala, and Cabbala. All of these terms refer to the same set of mystical teachings and practices that seek to uncover the hidden meanings of the Torah and other Jewish texts. Other related terms that could be used as synonyms for Kabbalah include Esoteric Judaism, Jewish mysticism, and the study of Jewish mysticism. Ultimately, these terms all point to the same body of work that seeks to help individuals connect with the divine and attain enlightenment.

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How to use "Kabbalah" in context?

In Judaism, kabbalah (, kabbalah meaning "receiving," "transformation," or "integration") is an esoteric method of understanding Jewish theology and mythology. It has been called the "royal road to knowledge" and is usually considered a form of Jewish mysticism. Kabbalah is a storehouse of Jewish spiritual tradition, containing teachings on the nature of the universe, the essence of God, and the human soul.

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