What is another word for reinstating?

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Reinstating is a common word used in various scenarios, but at times, using the same word can be a little monotonous. Therefore, some synonyms of the word can be useful. Words such as restoring, replacing, and reestablishing all convey meanings similar to reinstating. The word renovating can be used when it comes to repairing a damaged item or structure. Similarly, reviving can be applied concerning the revival of a concept, idea or policy. Resurrecting is also a synonym that emphasizes on reviving something that was once dead or lifeless. Other words that might be used to replace reinstating include bringing back, reintroducing, or returning. Using synonyms makes communication more interesting and engaging.

How to use "Reinstating" in context?

Reconnecting with loved ones can be difficult when they are far away or out of reach. One way to reinstate a connection with someone is to send them a heartfelt letter. Letters can be a fun and revitalizing way to reconnect with people who may have been away from each other for a while. Letters can also be a way to show your appreciation for the relationship that you have. Letters can be a way to show that you care about the person and want to keep the connection alive.

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