What is another word for revitalizing?

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Revitalizing is a word that describes something that makes things fresh and new again. It gives a sense of rejuvenation and restoration. Some synonyms for the word revitalizing include refreshing, renewing, invigorating, reinvigorating, re-energizing, rejuvenating, reanimating, restoring, regenerating, and reviving. The term revitalizing is often used in the context of improving a business, revitalizing a neglected neighborhood, or refreshing one's mind or body. Whether it means breathing new life into something old or restoring something that has been lost, the concept of revitalizing means making things better and more vibrant again.

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    Commuters and tourists have long lamented the lack of life and excitement downtown. But with new development in the works, downtown may finally be experiencing a renaissance - and residents and visitors alike could see big benefits.

    The revitalization of downtown Cleveland began in earnest in the early 2000s when Joe Nocera and Dan Gilbert purchased the Cleveland Indians baseball team and started trying to overhaul Quicken Loans Arena. Many other ambitious developers quickly followed suit, and today downtown is steadily attracting new businesses, residents, and tourists.

    The result has been a modest renaissance of the city's central core.

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