What is another word for religious leader?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪlˈɪd͡ʒəs lˈiːdə] (IPA)

A religious leader is an individual who holds a position of authority in a religious community. However, there are several other terms that can be used as synonyms for religious leader. First, a cleric is often used to refer to a leader within a particular religion. Similarly, a pastor, priest, or minister, depending on the religious denomination, can be used to refer to religious leaders. Additionally, terms like spiritual leader, guru, and imam are also used to refer to individuals who play a significant role in guiding their followers' spiritual lives. Finally, terms like rabbi, prelate, and pontiff can be used to describe religious leaders in Judaism, Catholicism, and the papacy, respectively.

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Famous quotes with Religious leader

  • The ancients were not as denominationally minded as we in matters of their clergy. They were more concerned with obtaining services of a bona fide professionalthan with finding a religious leader whose sole qualification was like-mindedness.
    Cyrus H. Gordon

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