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Restructurings refer to the process of reorganizing or restructuring a system or organization to make it more effective and efficient. There are several synonyms for the word restructurings, which include renovation, revamp, overhauling, reorganization, and streamlining. Renovation refers to the process of making changes or improvements to something that is outdated or in need of repair. Revamp implies a more radical transformation, which seeks to completely overhaul and modernize a system. Overhauling also denotes a major renovation with the aim of revitalizing an entity. Reorganization and streamlining denote making alterations to improve the efficiency of an entity. In summary, restructuring entails making significant transformations aimed at making an entity more effective, efficient, and modern.

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When discussing restructurings, one must understand the different types of reorganizations that may occur. The first type is a legal or corporate restructuring, which refers to a formal overhaul of the corporate governance structure, including changes in ownership or management. Corporate restructurings may result from a number of factors, including a company's need to reduce its debt load, to meet new regulations, or to adapt to a changing marketplace.

A second type of restructuring is a operational restructuring, which refers to a change in the way a company operates, such as a merger or acquisition, a change in product lines, or a change in organizational structure.

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