What is another word for restructure?

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When companies need to make significant changes to their organizational structure, they often use the word "restructure." However, there are alternative words and phrases that can be used to convey this concept. For example, the terms "overhaul," "revamp," or "realignment" can be used in place of restructure. Other synonyms for restructure include "reorganize," "rearrange," and "reshuffle." These words can be effective in conveying a company's intent to make significant changes to its framework. Regardless of which term is used, it is important for individuals and organizations to evaluate their goals when considering any restructuring effort, and to communicate these goals clearly to stakeholders.

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Usage examples for Restructure

Bartlett was overextended and, like Donald Trump in the early 1990s, he needed to roll over some short-term debt and restructure it.
Thomas Hoover
Meanwhile the Dawn City's First Security Officer also had arrived and was setting up a portable restructure stage in the center of the cabin.
James H Schmitz
I thought I could use one myself after looking at the chief's restructure."
James H Schmitz

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