What is another word for invigorate?

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When you want to liven up or brighten something, you can use a variety of synonyms for the word "invigorate." To spark new life or energy into something, you may want to use "revitalize," "rejuvenate," or "regenerate." These synonyms may help breathe new life into something that was once dull or uninteresting. For a more intense or forceful revitalization, consider using "energize," "animate," or "stimulate." These words can help to add a sense of excitement, enthusiasm, and vigor to any situation. Whether you're trying to boost your own energy or motivate others, there are many words you can use instead of "invigorate" to help get the job done.

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    Invigorate means to give energy or strength to someone or something. Antonyms for this word include words that imply the opposite or the lack of energy, such as weary, exhaust, drain, and enervate. "Weary" means to feel tired or fatigued, while "exhaust" means to drain the energy completely. "Drain" means to use up or consume all of something, including energy, while "enervate" means to weaken or exhaust someone or something physically or emotionally. Other antonyms for "invigorate" include words like deflate, blunt, deaden, and discourage, which all indicate a lack of energy, strength, or enthusiasm.

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    Usage examples for Invigorate

    Fortunately for our country it was not appropriated entirely to ornamental flowers and blooming shrubbery but to the substantial fruits that invigorate and support life.
    "Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution"
    L. Carroll Judson
    Do you not know, sir, that this applause, these bravos, are to the artiste as the sound of a trumpet to the gallant war-horse, they invigorate and inspire, and swell the heart with strength and courage?
    "Berlin and Sans-Souci"
    Louise Muhlbach
    Thus the young deputies were to make the laws, but the older deputies were to amend or reject them; and this nice adjustment of the characteristics of youth and age, a due blending of enthusiasm with caution, promised to invigorate the body politic and yet guard its vital interests.
    "The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)"
    John Holland Rose

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