What is another word for sachsen?

Pronunciation: [sˈat͡ʃsən] (IPA)

Sachsen is a German word that refers to the eastern state of Saxony in Germany. There are several synonyms for the word Sachsen, which can be useful when trying to vary your vocabulary. Some possible synonyms include Saxonia, Saxon, Saxony, and Saxonland. These words all refer to the same region, but each has its own unique tone and connotation. Whether you are writing an essay or having a conversation, it is always helpful to have a few synonyms at your disposal to add variety to your language and help you express yourself more effectively.

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Usage examples for Sachsen

By this time my close association with this notorious young Rajah was marked and I found it advisable to pull up stakes, which I did in short order, arranging passage on the N. D. L. liner sachsen, homeward bound.
"The Secrets of the German War Office"
Dr. Armgaard Karl Graves
G. zu sachsen Befreiung.
"Historical Introductions to the Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church"
Friedrich Bente
For the rest, Albert's position among them was what Friedrich of sachsen's had been; worse, not better; and the main ultimate difference was, he did not die of it, like Friedrich of sachsen; but found an outlet, not open in Friedrich's time, and lived.
"History Of Friedrich II. of Prussia, Vol. III. (of XXI.) Frederick The Great--The Hohenzollerns In Brandenburg--1412-1718"
Thomas Carlyle

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