What is another word for sachet?

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A sachet is a small bag that typically contains scented herbs, potpourri, or other aromatic substances. It's also commonly used to store sweeteners, such as sugar, salt, and pepper, and beauty products. However, there are several synonyms for the word sachet. One of them is pouch, which is a small bag made of cloth or other soft material. Another synonym is packet, which is a small, flat container that's used to enclose things like seeds, medicine, or condiments. Lastly, envelope is another word that refers to a small packet or bag of something, often used in beauty products, such as shower gel or shampoo.

How to use "Sachet" in context?

A "sachet" is a small container with a lid. It is often made of paper, with a perfume or aromatic substance inside, and is used to give a small amount of perfume to a person or to perfume a room.

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