What is another word for sack?

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"Sack" is a simple, yet versatile noun that can refer to a variety of things. As a verb, it can mean "to dismiss" or "to fire" someone from their job. But it is also commonly used to describe a bag or pouch used for carrying or storing goods. When it comes to synonyms for "sack," there are plenty of options to choose from. For example, you could refer to a "bag," a "satchel," a "pouch," or a "knapsack" depending on the context. Other options might include "backpack," "briefcase," "carrier," or "baggage." Regardless of which synonym you choose, it's clear that the humble sack is an essential part of daily life.

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    1. sack is a cloth bag, usually deep and narrow, used to carry goods.

    2. The original form of the sack was a bag of cloth that was shaped like a cone.

    3. The Egyptians are thought to be the first people to use sacks as transportation tools.

    4. Sack has been in use for over 2,500 years.

    5. Sack was first used in Britain in the 1600s.

    6. Sack was used by farmers to hold grain, coal, and other goods.

    7. Sack was also used by sailors to carry things like food, water, and tools.

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