What is another word for sawbones?

Pronunciation: [sˈɔːbə͡ʊnz] (IPA)

Sawbones is a slang term for a doctor or surgeon. While it may have once been a commonly used term, it has since fallen out of favor. In modern English, there are many other synonyms for "sawbones" that can be used instead. Some common options include physician, practitioner, medical professional, surgeon, medical doctor, and health care provider. Each of these words is more formal and appropriate for use in professional or academic settings. Other slang words for doctors exist, such as "quack" or "pill-pusher," but these terms are often considered derogatory and should be avoided.

What are the hypernyms for Sawbones?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for sawbones?

Sawbones is a slang term that refers to a doctor or a surgeon. Some antonyms for sawbones could be non-medical, unskilled, or inexperienced. Other antonyms might include alternative medicine practitioners such as acupuncturists or chiropractors, or paramedics who provide emergency treatment but do not perform surgery. Additionally, some people might consider holistic healers, naturopaths or herbalists as antonyms to sawbones since they focus on natural remedies and preventative care rather than traditional medical procedures. It's important to note that antonyms are not mutually exclusive and there can be overlap and variation in their definitions depending on the context.

What are the antonyms for Sawbones?

Usage examples for Sawbones

Why, it's enough to make a man turn Radical, 'anged if it ain't, to think of sich services as mine bein' rewarded with no 'igher title than what's bestowed on a heminent sawbones, or a Hingerneer, or a Littery Man, or even a successful Hartist!
"George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians"
T. Martin Wood
Why, blow me tight if you haven't turned sawbones!"
"Hilda Wade A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose"
Grant Allen
I suppose that comes of being a sawbones, don't it?"
"Hilda Wade A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose"
Grant Allen

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