What is another word for sea mist?

Pronunciation: [sˈiː mˈɪst] (IPA)

The term "sea mist" refers to the thick, white mist that rises up from the surface of the ocean and covers the surrounding area. There are several other synonyms that can be used to describe this phenomenon. One such word is "sea fog," which is often used interchangeably with sea mist. Another common synonym is "ocean mist," which refers to the same type of mist that occurs over the open ocean. Other possible synonyms include "coastal mist," "beach fog," and "salt spray," all of which describe the same type of mist that forms in areas near the shoreline. Regardless of the term used, sea mist is a beautiful and fascinating natural phenomenon that can create stunning visual effects in the surrounding environment.

Synonyms for Sea mist:

What are the hypernyms for Sea mist?

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