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Fog, a thick mist that obscures visibility, has a multitude of synonyms that can be applied to it. Some of these synonyms include mist, haze, smoke, smog, condensation, and vapor. Mist is typically used to describe a light fog, while haze can refer to a more widespread obscuration. Smoke and smog are used when the fog is combined with pollutants, while condensation and vapor describe the process by which the fog is formed. Other related terms include cloud, dew, and precipitation. Regardless of the word chosen, fog can be a beautiful and mysterious occurrence in nature, even as it obstructs our view and alters our environment.

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In the world of weather, fog is one of the most mysterious things. It's a low-lying clouds that can be dense or thin, cold or warm, and rainy or clear. Generally, fog is created by moist air that is chilled by the wind. This cold, moist air can't rise as high in the atmosphere, so it tends to settle near the Earth's surface. Fog is also created when warm air condenses (cools) and forms liquid water droplets.

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