What is another word for billow?

Pronunciation: [bˈɪlə͡ʊ] (IPA)

Billow is a word used to describe the movement of waves or smoke. This term is often used to describe something that is moving in a rolling or surging way. It is possible to use different synonyms for the term billow. For instance, the terms swell or surge can describe a wave movement that is similar to a billow. If speaking of smoke, the words plume or cloud could be used to replace billow. Similarly, when describing a cloud-like appearance, the term puff might be used. These synonyms are helpful in conveying similar or related concepts to the term billow.

Synonyms for Billow:

What are the hypernyms for Billow?

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What are the hyponyms for Billow?

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What are the opposite words for billow?

Antonyms for the verb "billow" include words such as calm, still, stagnant, and tranquil. Calm is the opposite of billow which means to become more quiet, still, and tranquil surf. Stagnant is a synonym of calm that means the absence of movement and is used to refer to water bodies or air that has become still. Tranquil, on the other hand, refers to a peaceful and calm surface with no disturbances. If someone asks you to provide opposite words for billow, think of calm, still, and stagnant as well as tranquil for a better understanding.

What are the antonyms for Billow?

Usage examples for Billow

Ingeborg watched her with bright alert eyes over the edge of a billow of feathers while she fetched a little table and brought it to the bed and arranged these things on it.
"The Pastor's Wife"
Elizabeth von Arnim
The negro flung his rope and one man caught at it, but it was swept out of reach on a backward leaping billow.
"Rose of Dutcher's Coolly"
Hamlin Garland
In a white drawing-room where the only spots of colour were the roses-masses of pink roses in gold bowls-a Madonna-like being was reclining in a green and white billow of a lace tea gown, on a white sofa.
Lowell, Orson

Famous quotes with Billow

  • I settled at Cold Mountain long ago Already it seems like ages Wandering free I roam the woods and streams Lingering to watch things be themselves Men don't come this far into the mountains Where white clouds gather and billow Dry grass makes a comfortable mattress The blue sky is a fine quilt Happy to pillow my head on the rock I leave heaven and earth to endless change
  • A pardlike Spirit beautiful and swift — A Love in desolation masked; — a Power Girt round with weakness; — it can scarce uplift The weight of the superincumbent hour; It is a dying lamp, a falling shower, A breaking billow; — even whilst we speak Is it not broken? On the withering flower The killing sun smiles brightly: on a cheek The life can burn in blood, even while the heart may break.
    Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • Rocking on a lazy billow With roaming eyes, Cushioned on a dreamy pillow, Thou art now wise. Wake the power within thee slumbering, Trim the plot that's in thy keeping, Thou wilt bless the task when reaping Sweet labour's prize.
    John Stuart Blackie
  • The maiden---pure and without stain--lay sleeping on the small couch that occupied one corner of the closet. Her fair limbs were enshrouded in the light folds of a night-robe, and she lay in an attitude of perfect repose, one glowing cheek resting upon her uncovered arm, while over the other, waved the loosened curls of her glossy hair. The parting lips disclosed her teeth, white as ivory, while her youthful bosom came heaving up from the folds of her night-robe, like a billow that trembles for a moment in the moonlight, and then is suddenly lost to view. She lay there in all the ripening beauty of maidenhood, the light falling gently over her young limbs, their outlines marked by the easy folds of her robe, resembling in their roundness and richness of proportion, the swelling fulness of the rose-bud that needs but another beam of light, to open it into its perfect bloom.
    George Lippard

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