What is another word for cloudy?

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Cloudy is an adjective used to describe weather or skies that are covered with clouds. There are different synonyms for this word, which people can use in sentences to replace this word, such as overcast, murky, and hazy. Overcast is used to describe a sky that is completely covered in clouds, providing no visibility to the blue sky or the sun. Murky is used to refer to a sky that is covered in dark clouds causing low visibility and poor light. Hazy, on the other hand, describes a sky with a light covering of clouds that causes a cloudy or smoky appearance. There are other synonyms for the word cloudy such as gloomy, dim, and somber, depending on the context in which the word needs to be used.

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    Cloudy days reflect a mix of sun and clouds but give little warmth. They are usually followed by cooler temperatures and a chance for rain.

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