What is another word for sea otter?

Pronunciation: [sˈiː ˈɒtə] (IPA)

The sea otter, known for its playful nature and thick fur, is also referred to as the marine otter or the sea beaver. Other synonyms for this marine mammal include the river otter, the coastal otter, and the Alaskan otter. In some regions, such as Japan, it is called the rakko or kawauso. The sea otter can also be classified as a marine weasel or a sea mink. Despite its numerous names, the sea otter is a unique and beloved creature that plays a crucial role in its coastal ecosystem.

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Famous quotes with Sea otter

  • Nothing looks funnier than an otter having a good time, unless it’s a sea otter, which looks even more cherubic.
    Kenneth Rexroth
  • The terminally cute sea otter is a marine weasel into rough sex. The male otter's arms (legs, whatever) are effective for grooming their fine pelts or cracking shells on the rocks they place on their bellies, but they are too short for getting a good grip on a mate. So the male gets firm purchase by biting down on the female's nose before going for a little splendor in the kelp. Afterward you can often spot the females hauled up on rocks along the shore, their fur matted and their noses bloody. It's not hard to imagine that a female with a heavily scarred nose might get a reputation as an easy otter.
    David Helvarg

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