What is another word for shellback?

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Shellback is a term that is commonly used to refer to an individual who has crossed the equator aboard a ship. However, there are many synonyms for this term depending on the specific region or culture. In the United States Navy, shellbacks are sometimes called "pollywogs" before crossing the equator, while those who have not crossed it are called "slimy pollywogs." In the Royal Navy, the term "deep-sea fishermen" is used for those who have crossed the equator. In the merchant navy, it is common to use the term "line-crosser." Regardless of the specific term used, crossing the equator is considered a significant event in a sailor's career.

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    How to use "Shellback" in context?

    The shellback is a type of oil fish found in warm seas near the coast. They can reach up to two meters long and weigh up to ninety kilograms. The shellback is an important source of food for many coastal communities and is prized for its high quality oil.

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