What is another word for rookie?

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The word rookie can be an informal or slang term for a newcomer, beginner, or novice. Synonyms for this word include amateur, apprentice, fledgling, greenhorn, neophyte, newcomer, novice, probationer, recruit, student, trainee, and tyro. Each of these words can refer to someone who is just starting out in a particular field, job or activity, or someone who is still learning and developing their skills and abilities. While these synonyms may have slightly different connotations and associations, they are all general ways of describing someone who is inexperienced or new to a particular area of expertise.

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    When someone first starts to play professional sport, they are often referred to as a "rookie". It is not a derogative term, but rather a term of respect. A rookie is someone who is new to the sport, and is trying to learn as much as they can. They are often given less playing time than more experienced players, and are often relied on to provide a spark when the team needs it most.

    The term "rookie" can also be used in a different way. Some people use the term to refer to themselves as a beginner.

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