What is another word for slip of paper?

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[ slˈɪp ɒv pˈe͡ɪpə], [ slˈɪp ɒv pˈe‍ɪpə], [ s_l_ˈɪ_p ɒ_v p_ˈeɪ_p_ə]

A slip of paper is a small piece of paper that is typically used to jot down notes, make reminders, or as a memo. Synonyms for the word "slip of paper" include notepad, sheet, memo, note, scrap, card, ticket, chit, voucher, and tag. Each synonym has a particular use and context, and different industries may use different terminology. However, the purpose of a slip of paper is the same, regardless of what it is called. It serves as a tool to help individuals remember something important or convey information to others easily and quickly. Regardless of the term used, the convenience of a small, portable piece of paper cannot be understated in modern-day communication.

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