What is another word for social service?

Pronunciation: [sˈə͡ʊʃə͡l sˈɜːvɪs] (IPA)

Social service is a term used to describe the actions taken by individuals or groups to aid people in need. There are numerous synonyms for the term social service, such as public welfare, social welfare, human services, and social work. These words describe the various forms of assistance and support provided to people who are struggling with economic, physical or emotional difficulties. Examples of social services include housing assistance, food banks, emergency financial aid, healthcare, and counseling. Regardless of the term used, social services aim to improve the quality of life for those in need, maintain social order, and promote a more equal and just society.

What are the hypernyms for Social service?

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What are the hyponyms for Social service?

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Famous quotes with Social service

  • Many are attracted to social service - the rewards are immediate, the gratification quick. But if we have social justice, we won't need social service.
    Julian Bond
  • Governments allocate enormous resources for social programs. And it is true that for many years we have had one of the best social service systems in the world. Yet we are still incapable of meeting the needs of tens of thousands of Canadian families.
    Kim Campbell
  • Religion was nearly dead because there was no longer real belief in future life; but something was struggling to take its place - service - social service - the ants creed, the bees creed.
    John Galsworthy
  • But do not understand me as saying, or for one moment suggesting, that women legislators should confine themselves to doing only social service work. Not at all.
    Edith Rogers
  • The consensus is that no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in Los Angeles are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition.
    Jeff Cooper

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