What is another word for soliloquise?

5 synonyms found


[ səlˈɪləkwˌɪz], [ səlˈɪləkwˌɪz], [ s_ə_l_ˈɪ_l_ə_k_w_ˌɪ_z]

Related words: soliloquy, soliloquize, soliloquies, soliloquid

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    Synonyms for Soliloquise:

    How to use "Soliloquise" in context?

    When people use soliloquy, they are speaking without interruption. A soliloquy is a very long speech, usually in verse, that is presented as though it is from one character in a play or story. The speaker usually addresses the audience directly and usually talks about their own feelings or thoughts. The use of soliloquy can help to develop character and make the story more personal.

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