What is another word for proclaim?

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Proclaiming is a powerful way to share ideas and opinions with others. Sometimes, however, using the same word over and over can become tiresome. Thankfully, there are many synonyms for the word "proclaim" that can add variety to your vocabulary. To announce, declare, or assert all have similar meanings. Other words like express or state are more specific to communication. To promulgate or pronounce can emphasize the importance of the declaration. Decree, mandate, or ordain can all serve as synonyms for proclaim, but they do so with a sense of authority or official action. No matter which word you choose, your ideas will be heard loudly and clearly.

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    When a person takes the step of proclaiming their faith in Jesus Christ, they are declaring to the world that they belong to Him and trust in Him for salvation. proclaiming Christianity doesn't mean forcing your faith on others, but rather declaring open and honest your beliefs to people around you. There are plenty of ways to proclaim your faith without shouting or being loud, and it can be a very personal experience.

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