What is another word for speak?

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[ spˈiːk], [ spˈiːk], [ s_p_ˈiː_k]

Synonyms for Speak:

speak (verb) voice (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Speak:

  1. reek, weak, shriek, teak, leek, clique, sleek, freak, beak, peak, peek, chic, week, streak, pique, wreak, bleak, leak, seek, cheek, creak, creek, squeak, sheikh, sneak, greek, meek, tweak, geek, sheik;
  2. antique, oblique, bespeak, critique, technique, belgique, batik, physique, cacique, unique, boutique;
  3. mozambique, dominique;

Quotes for Speak:

  1. I love cats. I have a lot of cat tales, ha ha, so to speak A lot of my cats come to me. They show up at my house. I'm kind of a cat lady that way. Gina Gershon.
  2. It is simple nonsense to speak of the fixed tempo of any particular vocal phrase. Each voice has its peculiarities. Anton Seidl.
  3. I certainly can't speak for all cultures or all societies, but it's clear that in America, poetry serves a very marginal purpose. It's not part of the cultural mainstream. Mark Strand.

Idioms of Speak:

  1. speak of the devil ( and in he walks),;
  2. speak of;
  3. speak/ talk out of turn;