What is another word for souvenirs?

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[ sˌuːvənˈi͡əz], [ sˌuːvənˈi‍əz], [ s_ˌuː_v_ə_n_ˈiə_z]

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- Souvenirs from _____ (where)

- Ideas for souvenirs from _____ (where)

- Where can I buy souvenirs

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How to use "Souvenirs" in context?

The word "souvenir" derives from the Latin word "souffletum," meaning little puff or wisp of smoke. souvenirs were originally souvenirs of the European nobility, who took them on their travels. Since the early days of capitalism, souvenirs have been used industriously by people to capture a moment or event in a tangible form and keep it as a keepsake. Souvenirs can take many forms, including artwork, jewelry, textiles, food, and wine. They can be purchased or made on a whim, and can often be expensive.

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