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Reading is one of the essential activities that everyone does in their life. It is one of the best sources of knowledge that helps to develop an individual's mind and broaden their perspective. The word "read" has various synonyms that can be used to add depth to the way people express themselves. Some of the synonyms for the term "read" are skim, scan, peruse, browse, study, scrutinize, analyze, glance, and examine. Each of these words carries a different connotation, and they can be used in different situations as per the context. For example, skim and glance can be used when someone quickly looks through a piece of writing, while scrutinize and analyze can be used when someone wants to understand the writing in depth. In conclusion, having a broad vocabulary with synonyms for "read" means that people can express themselves more precisely and with greater nuance.

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Reading can be described as the process of consuming print or electronic text with the intent of extracting information. It usually refers to the act of reading magazines, newspapers, books, or other written works with the expectation of gaining knowledge.

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