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Artifacts are objects that hold historical or cultural significance. They can range from ancient pottery to modern-day technology. There are several synonyms for the word "artifacts" including antiquities, relics, artifacts, objects, and items. Antiquities are old and valuable objects, that hold historical significance, often of culture. Relics are objects that have survived the past and hold spiritual or religious significance. Objects refer to any physical item that has meaning or value, while items are smaller, often commonplace objects that hold sentimental or historical significance. Overall, all of these words describe a physical object that holds important meaning in history, culture, religion, or personal sentimentality.

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    Artifacts are something that are left behind after an event or an activity has taken place. These objects can be anything from a tool that was used in an activity to a personal item that belonged to a person. Objects can be created through any means, be they natural or manmade, and can vary in size and shape.

    There are a variety of reasons why artifacts might be created. They can be used as a form of documentation or evidence of an event or activity, or they can be preserved as a reminder of that time. Some artifacts might be created for entertainment or for historical purposes, while others may serve a functional purpose.

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