What is another word for sparmannia?

Pronunciation: [spɑːmˈani͡ə] (IPA)

Sparmannia, commonly known as the African hemp, is a genus of flowering plants that belongs to the family Malvaceae. It is recognized for its ornamental foliage, with large, heart-shaped, and velvety leaves that can grow up to 30 centimeters. However, there are other terms used to describe this plant, as common names vary across regions and cultures. Some synonyms for Sparmannia include the Cape stock-rose, the African rose, and the white oak-leaved geranium. These names showcase the diversity of the plant and the different characteristics that people perceive, such as its color, shape, and texture. Regardless of its name, Sparmannia remains a popular choice for gardeners who love its exotic look and easy care.

Synonyms for Sparmannia:

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