What is another word for sparks?

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Sparks are tiny, bright particles that result from friction or a sudden burst of heat. There are many synonyms for sparks that can be used to add variety to writing or speech. Examples of synonyms for sparks include glimmers, gleams, flickers, flashes, and flares. Other words that can be used to describe sparks include twinkle, shimmer, and radiance. These synonyms for sparks can be used in different contexts and for different purposes. For instance, "glimmers of hope" can be used to describe a positive turn of events, while "flares of anger" can be used to describe an explosive outburst of emotion.

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Sparks are often the initial cause of fires, accidents, and other dangerous events. Sparks can come from a variety of sources, such as cigarettes, power tools, and static electricity. When these sparks interact with flammable materials, a fire can start. Sparks can also cause accidents by igniting something else, such as gasoline. Sparks can cause electrical fires if they find an open wire. Sparks can also cause injuries if they create flying shards of metal. Taken all together, these hazards make sparks one of the most dangerous elements of everyday life.

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