What is another word for spats?

Pronunciation: [spˈats] (IPA)

Spats are a type of footwear accessory worn over shoes to protect them from mud and dirt. They were a popular fashion accessory during the 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly in Europe and the United States. Synonyms for spats include gaiters, leggings, leg warmers, and ankle guards. These accessories were typically made of leather or cloth materials and were either strapped or buttoned onto shoes to keep them in place. Spats were worn by men and women alike as a stylish way to keep their footwear looking clean and neat. Although spats have largely fallen out of fashion, they remain an iconic symbol of vintage style and fashion.

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What are the opposite words for spats?

The word "spats" refers to a type of protective clothing worn over shoes or boots, but it also has another meaning: a brief quarrel or argument. So, what are some antonyms for this term? Well, if we focus on the first definition, it might be more useful to look at synonyms rather than antonyms. Some related words could include overshoes, galoshes, gaiters, or leg warmers. However, if we think about the second definition, we can come up with several antonyms: peace, agreement, harmony, consensus, understanding, and cooperation. These words represent the opposite of a spat or disagreement and suggest a state of calm and mutual respect.

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Usage examples for Spats

It grew positively diabolic as Mr. Ebling took a silk handkerchief from his sleeve and began flicking dust from his spats.
"I Walked in Arden"
Jack Crawford
He wore white spats, three massive rings of twisted gold and in his blue tie a glittering emerald.
Hugh Walpole
And then the bright blue suit, the white spats, were reassuring.
Hugh Walpole

Famous quotes with Spats

  • Of all the wonders of nature, a tree in summer is perhaps the most remarkable; with the possible exception of a moose singing Embraceable You in spats.
    Woody Allen
  • It's not their fault if, in the heat Of their transactions, I repeat It's not their fault if vampires meet And gurgle in their spats.
    Mervyn Peake
  • Among other things, we are supposed to spot the toes of clay splaying out from under the pearl-gray spats, or the cloven hoof encased in the jackboot, before anyone else. Cynicism also is the touchstone of a reporter's alchemy through which he hopes to discover that nonexistent load called "objectivity." For as a set of philosophers, the only true objective reporter is the dead one.
    Bill Downs

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