What is another word for bicker?

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Bicker is a word that means to argue or quarrel about trivial matters. There are several synonyms for this word, which can be used interchangeably to express the same sentiment. Some of the synonyms for bicker include squabble, wrangle, spat, tiff, feud, and dispute. These words are often used to describe a heated exchange between two people or parties, and can be used to describe any situation where there is conflict or disagreement. When choosing a synonym for bicker, it is important to consider the context in which the word will be used, as different words may be more appropriate depending on the situation.

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    Synonyms for Bicker:

    How to use "Bicker" in context?

    Bicker is a term that is used to describe a disagreement that is intense but not violent. It is often used to describe two people who are fighting but are not actually attacking each other. In order for a quarrel to be considered a bicker, both people involved must be talking to each other and the disagreement must not be resolved.

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