What is another word for spat?

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Spat is a verb that means to argue or dispute, typically over a minor issue. There are plenty of synonyms available that can also convey this meaning, including bicker, quarrel, squabble, argue, disagree, scrimmages, tiffs, and rows. Some more colorful alternatives include wrangle, feud, fuss, tangle, clash, scrap, altercation, and fracas. You can also use adjectives such as acrimonious, contentious, tetchy, and testy to describe the tone of the spat. In any case, these synonyms are useful for adding variety to your writing, especially when you need to describe a heated argument or disagreement between characters.

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    Spats are pieces of clothing that are typically worn on the lower legs and are often associated with a particular type of footwear, such as ballet slippers. They are typically rectangular or pointed, and made of cloth, felt, or leather. They are also sometimes called "spatskins", "toupee hats", or "lumberjack boots".

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