What is another word for spermophile?

Pronunciation: [spˈɜːməfˌa͡ɪl] (IPA)

Spermophile refers to any warm-blooded animal that is adapted to living in environments with limited moisture. Synonyms for this term include "xerocole," "xerophile," and "aridicole." Other possible terms that might be used to describe spermophiles include "desert-dweller," "drought-adapted," and "dust-loving." These animals are often found in regions with harsh climates, where they have evolved specialized physical and behavioral adaptations to cope with the challenging conditions. They may have specialized feet or legs that allow them to move over loose, dry soils, or they may have developed strategies for obtaining and storing water in arid landscapes. Regardless of the specifics, spermophiles are an important part of many ecosystems around the world.

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Usage examples for Spermophile

Seek Seek the spermophile who lives on the plains of the West and is often called Gopher Squirrel, is the true Ground Squirrel.
Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)
He is called spermophile because that means seed-eater, and he lives largely on seeds, especially on grain.
Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)
He is called the Thirteen-lined spermophile.
Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)

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