What is another word for suslik?

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"Suslik" is a common name used for a small squirrel-like rodent found in Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. This furry little creature maybe known by different names in different languages. In Russian, it's called "суслик" (suslik), in Polish it's referred to as "szynszyla", "štajer" in Slovenian, and "gil" in Urdu. Some other synonyms include "gopher" or "ground squirrel." They are known for their burrowing habits, and can sometimes be considered pests, but are also kept as pets. With its cute appearance, the suslik has quite a few affectionate nicknames, including "steppe pika" and "prairie dog." Regardless of what they are called, these little critters are fascinating to observe in their natural habitats.

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    Since they have observed that a magpie is covered with feathers, the teacher asks: 'Is the suslik also covered with feathers?
    "Fables for Children, Stories for Children, Natural Science Stories, Popular Education, Decembrists, Moral Tales"
    Leo Tolstoy

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